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Leaking pipes and taps, corroded water system, and constant dripping of water from the roof often look like tiny issues to address. However, the real problem begins when such minor issues are left unaddressed. They can turn big and cause significant water damage to your home and business like rusting of steel, rotting of wood, and mold growth. 

To ensure that your home is free from water damage, it is a good idea to hire a reliable restoration company. Restoration Pros is one of the leading water damage repair, maintenance, and restoration companies in Sacramento. Our team is trained to repair varied types of malfunction at your place - right from fixing a small leaking pipe to protecting your home from a severe water disaster, Restoration Pros can cover it all at pocket-friendly prices. 

Leaking Pipes? Not Anymore!

Water damage doesn't happen in a jiff. It occurs when small signs are left unattended. Water damage can not only cause destruction of goods and mold growth but it can also weaken the structural integrity of your home. 

Letting go, avoiding the repair, or fixing the problem by yourself is never a solution. DIYs work sometimes, but these are not permanent solutions to your problems. What you need is an expert vision and advice to protect your home from future water damage consequences. Major problems can only be handled by experts including the ones at Restoration Pros, Sacramento.

Our Water Damage Repair Sacramento Services

We at Restoration Pros come across several clients who complain about water & moisture damage, and we make sure to offer them prompt & professional restoration services. Our trained water damage specialists use top-quality equipment and the right approaches to address water damage and offer our clients the peace of mind they deserve. 

Free Damage Assessment

The solution to every problem begins with an assessment. Our team visits your place with industry-standard tools and equipment to assess your property. Right from checking your sinks to pipes, we assess everything to identify minor and critical water damage signs. 

Leak Detection

With Restoration Pros experts, you can be rest assured to get all your leaks detected and fixed. Be it a dripping water heater or leaking faucet, our experts can repair them to save water and prevent costly damages. We can even find the hidden leaks and ensure that your property is safe from potential water damage. 

Water Extraction 

Restoration Pros experts are adept at offering the best water removal and water extraction services. Our team uses industrial drying equipment like thermal cameras and moisture meters to detect and pump out the moisture to protect the integrity of your property’s walls & ceilings. 

Mold Remediation

Scared of the mold growth at your place? Water damage often causes mold growth, but our mold remediation specialists can handle the problem with precision and perfection. From initial assessment to cleanup, we offer first-rate mold remediation solutions to keep your home healthy. 

Apart from this, we also help our clients in moving out to complete our damage repair and restoration work. Furthermore, we also make sure that your expenses get covered with the help of insurance settlements.

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