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Molds are always in the air at various levels. Although airborne levels vary according to where you live and environmental conditions, most individuals do not suffer adverse health effects from exposure to everyday levels. Occasionally, conditions indoors can be a host to fungal growth resulting in increased levels of airborne spores, which can overwhelm the body’s natural defenses.

Inhalation of such concentrations can result in allergic or toxic responses. Infection can occur in an otherwise healthy individual, but those most susceptible include infants, children, the elderly, and immune-compromised individuals such as those undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from liver disease. The health effects from molds depend on the length and level of exposure (chronic vs. acute) and on individual sensitivity. Health effects from exposure to molds can be divided into four general categories: infection, toxicosis, allergy, and irritation.

Why Restoration Pros?

Restoration Pros is one of the most professional mold remediation companies in Sacramento.

Mold Removal is not a job for the average person, being that professionals are required not only to remove all mold that has infiltrated a house, business, or other entity, but to also prevent mold from returning to a structure.

Professional mold remediation is recommended when harmful mold is present, because of the great risk that comes with removing toxic mold, the use of professional chemicals, training, and specialty equipment is needed. If one uses chemicals such as bleach or other household items in order to eliminate mold, it often has the opposite effect and actually causes mold to spread. And when it comes to mold removal companies in Sacramento, Restoration Pros has certified employees who will choose the best course of action to remove your home from harmful mold. 

What do I do if Mold is a concern?

If harmful mold is feared to be in your home or business, give Restoration Pros a call today, where we will provide you with a mold inspection that is customized to your home or business. A Restoration Pros Mold specialist will perform moisture readings, a visual inspection, and another mold testing’s to determine the extent of mold. Based on our findings, Restoration Pros will make sure to keep all parties involved in the ordeal informed and will properly handle the situation to eradicate your home or business of mold in order for your family or employees to be safe and healthy.

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