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A fire incident is one of the most devastating accidents that can happen to any homeowner or business.

No matter how helpless you feel at that moment, be assured that Restoration Pros is there to offer you professional smoke cleaning services in Sacramento. From cleaning your home to restoring its structure, we will make sure there is no trace of fire or smoke in your property. 

Get Complete Fire and Smoke Cleanup and Restoration Services 

Each year, fire destroys hundreds of homes and businesses, affecting thousands of individuals in Sacramento alone. 

Smoke and fire are some of the most frequently occurring disasters that require immediate attention. However, putting out the fire is only a small part of restoring a structure from fire and smoke damage. The significant task of cleaning up and repairing burned and destroyed furniture and appliances starts once the firefighters have stopped the fire. 

One not only has to deal with the direct consequence of smoke and fire but also manage the damage caused due to fire fighting efforts. 

While fire can result in soot damage, fire fighting efforts can leave water pockets that can escalate further into water damage. 

Water damage is another concern one needs to address when going through the fire and smoke restoration process. 

As a complete repair and restoration services provider, we are efficient at undertaking fire, smoke, and water damage restoration tasks in and around Sacramento, CA.  

Smoke & Fire Restoration Services We Offer

From small spark to arson, anything can cause fire damage. No matter how small the accident is, it’s traumatizing. 

While one can’t predict a disaster, but one can always make a contingency plan to mitigate the after-affects of the disaster. Getting in touch with a reliable restoration and repair company is the step to it. 

At Restoration Pros, we respond to all emergency calls and send repair personnel to the scene, immediately. Besides having a team of trained professionals, we use top-of-the-line equipment, the optimal cleaning method, and restoration techniques to ensure timely restoration of your home or property. 

Our smoke cleaning services in Sacramento includes, 

  • Complete smoke and fire repair and restoration service 
  • Fire damage assistance for residential and commercial properties
  • Timely completion of restoration efforts 
  • Assistance with the insurance claim and repair work

Why Choose Restoration Pros for Smoke Cleaning Services? 

Since our inception, we have helped countless homes, businesses, and commercial structures recover from the damage of the fire and smoke.

  • Insurance Restoration and Repair 

Being one of the most trusted restoration companies, we also help homeowners and businesses claim fire insurance and ensure the completion of repair work in time. 

  • Quick and Timely Response to the Disaster 

Coping with fire damage requires quick action. Since we have specialization in restoration and repair work in Sacramento, we ensure our professional help reaches you fast. 

  • Expert Approach

In a situation where people are bound to panic, we know how to keep calm and take care of the whole restoration process. We offer the best solutions to remove smoke odor and revive your property.

  • Complete Repair and Restoration Services Provider

We have the expertise and experience in dealing with a wide range of repair and restoration tasks including mold remediation, water damage, odor control, tiles and upholstery cleanups, and much more. 

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