Your Dirty Carpets Might Be the Reason You Are Sneezing!

Your Dirty Carpets Might Be the Reason You Are Sneezing!

What could be the most annoying thing that can ever happen to you? Well, how about you are allergic to your own home!

Time and again, it is common for service providers of carpet cleaning Rancho Cordova CA to hear from their clients how they are sneezing their Sunday out! A full-blown allergy attack can do that to you. That’s not something that you want, especially if you have kids and the elderly at home. 

So, who or what is responsible in your home for this? Well, if you have rugs, upholstered furniture, and carpets in your home, then these, especially the carpets, could be hiding your nemesis.

The solution you ask? Well, call in professionals like carpet cleaning company Sacramento CA for the best results. These professional companies are equipped with the right tools, know the right carpet cleaning techniques that leave your carpets and rugs sterilized. The result, you and your loved ones breathing easy and healthy!

With that being said, let us take a look at some of the allergens a dirty carpet could be harboring in your home:

  • Dust Mites

Most of the time, allergies are caused by dust particles and suspended particles in the air such as fungal spores, pollen grains, and the likes. But the situation changes completely when you have carpets in your home and you are sneezing uncontrollably. The culprit here is dust mites and these pesky little buggers love to call the carpet fibers their home sweet home.

Typical homemade carpet cleaning solutions just won’t cut it. It is highly recommended that you call in a professional carpet cleaning team at least twice a month. This will help you to keep allergies in your home at bay and ensure your wellbeing.

  • Fungal Spores

There are many instances where homeowners regretted their decisions to clean their carpets by themselves. The thing is typical wet cleaning methods one uses at home to clean carpets do more harm than good. On top of that, the so-called clean carpet is never fully dry which leads to mildew infestation. The entrapped moisture becomes the breeding ground for mildew thus contributing to your sneezes.

To avoid getting sick, leave carpet cleaning to the professionals who know this job out and out. The experts from a dependable carpet cleaning Rancho Cordova CA will actively work to clean the carpets and make them super-fresh!

  • Residual Waste Products from Pets

Having pets in your home is adorable but if you own carpets, bear in mind that your furry friends could just be another source for your carpets to trap dirt and impurities. Dried-up pee stains are one thing, dried fecal matter entrapped in the carpet fibers could also irritate your nose leading to allergy attacks.

It is best to call in a professional team from the leading company offering carpet cleaning in Citrus Heights CA for the desirable results. These companies use a series of dry cleaning techniques along with deep cleaning methods that leave your carpets fully sterilized.


It might be your pets’ fur, fecal matter of dust mites (yuck!), or fungal spores that are finding its way to your sensitive nose thus landing you in a serious fit of allergy attack! 

As they say, prevention is better than cure. It is advised to avail of regular carpet cleaning services in Sacramento CA, where skilled carpet cleaners will treat your carpets and rugs using advanced methods. From pre-treating and stain removal to shampoo cleaning and deodorization, they’ll provide top-notch services to clean your carpets. 

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