Telltale Signs of Water Damage in a Home

Telltale Signs of Water Damage in a Home

Water damage may sound not much of a big deal in theory, but if you ask a homeowner who has been through this trying ordeal, you will be bound to alter your perspective towards the subject!

Water damage can hurt your belongings and affect the structural integrity of your home. However, if you avail of water damage restoration service in Sacramento CA, you can prevent experiencing problems later. That stated, let us take a look into some telltale signs of water damage in a home!

Damaged paint or wallpaper

In case you are witnessing that the paint on the walls is developing bubbles or flakes, you need to pay attention. It is an indication that the walls are soaking up water which is making it impossible for the paint to stick onto the wall surface.

Furthermore, in case you have wallpapers in your home that are peeling away or losing their aesthetic appeal prematurely; chances are high that the reason is water damage!

Soggy carpets

Soggy carpets are a sign of water damage in the property. To check this, walk barefoot over your carpet, especially after a winter thaw or the morning after a thunderstorm. Do the carpets in your home feel soggy or spongy? Does the surface beneath the carpets seem waterlogged!?

Well, according to carpet cleaning in Citrus Heights CA service providers; these are all the collective signs of water damage sustained by a home.

What’s the solution?

Well, you would need to seek professional help. It is the only way you can keep the flooring material of your home from:

  • Developing cracks in the grout – in case your home has tiled floors
  • Buckling, cupping, or warping – in case your home has laminate or wooden floors!

A company offering water damage restoration and carpet cleaning services in Sacramento CA can also help you if your home has sustained water damage.

Prevalence of musty smell in your home

Does your home have a smell that is similar to damp paper or cardboard? If yes, chances are high that it is due to water damage from a leak! If this is the case then for starters, you should start looking for other possible signs such as mold.

If your home is a bit old, you might ignore such smells since you might think an old property might give off strange smells, granted but bear this in mind, abrupt changes in the smells can mean there is water damage especially after a thunderstorm, or winter thaw.

To avoid water damage, it’s always suggested to hire companies that specialize in water damage restoration services. water damage repairs Folsom solutions can save your property from losing its charm and serve you for years to come. 


If you find any of the signs mentioned in the above sections in your home, be sure to seek professional assistance right away! Water damage, if not addressed on time, can not only bring down the overall indoor air quality of your home but also the value of your property as well. 

Furthermore, it can also bring down the structural integrity of your property by many folds! To keep all such issues at bay, be sure to contact professionals like Surface Experts. They are one of the leading providers of water damage restoration services in Sacramento CA. Contact their team to get rid of all water damage issues!

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